The most extraordinary of Nosy Be is certainly the richness of its reefs: 410. It's the number of species of corals that can be observed in the area. In addition to this extraordinary diversity, the corals in very good condition. the size of the reefs, the small population living in the surroundings, has preserved the reefs. An exceptional area: With a few exceptions especially during the rainy season or storms may be passing, and in September or the wind can be present in the morning, the bay of Nosy Be is always calm. Protected from the winds by Madagascar, it is smooth in the morning, while a small chop rises around 1 p.m., due to the thermal sea winds and calms down in the evening.
In the North West of Madagascar, Nosy Be and its islands present a large number of dive sites, which can be separated into four different types of dive sites:

Specificities and differences between the dive sites in Nosy Be, Madagascar