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After diving : Activities and excursions at Nosy Be Madagascar

Biodiversity and preserved island: Nosy Be.

The nature is preserved on the Sakalava country islands. Nosy be is the main island of this part of Madagascar, and there's several reasons which can explain the fact those islands are still in a prestine and original condition. At first, quite no pollution : a very few cars, buses, trucks.. and just one road turning around the island. About 90% of the island are reachable only by using tracks or trails. Even for agriculture, no tracks means no culture, which preserves the primary forest and original biodiversity.
Then, Nosy Be has a small human density and the main part of the visitors are going to the touristic pole of Ambatoloaka and madirokely. So, the main part of the island of Nosy be and the satelite island, are free from any kind of pollution, and human modification.

tour nosy be madagascar
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discovering the endemism de Nosy Be

To understand the different behaviour of the Malagasy animals, some other fact, animals have generally a very few predators. The very ancient separation of Madagascar from Africa, the isolation and the size of the island created an unique endemism and natural selection privileged some groups (reptiles, lemurs, baobabs...) which became for some part, without predators (before human arrival) and could increase and diversify more than in Africa. The main limit to expansion for some animals and vegetation was the various and so differents climates of Madagascar.
Animals became less mefiants, and some species are lying their eggs on the soil, whitout burrying them, without supervision nor protection (some river fishes, reptiles, birds). the green gecko, for example, are very difficult to approch in the Comoros Islands, 200 nautical milles further west from Nosy Be. Here, they are coming into houses, climb on tables in terrasses, to try to eat a piece of bread, a drop of honey It is extrordinary to approach and to observe this nature. But it makes them much more sensitive to an eventually future pollution, introduction of a new specie, or human behaviour an impact.
To appreciate this preserved nature is a privilege. The spectator's duty is to apreciate and minimize his impact.

Excursions apres plongee dans Nosy Be /Nosy Sakatia /Nosy Tanikely :

We selected some reliable operators to make you discover Nosy Be and other islands in different ways. walking, 4WD, horseriding, boat.. some exemples:

Day Trip
- Nosy Mamoko / Nosy Tanikely. first island is a fishermen village, the second is a marine park very interresting for snorkelling.
-Walks in the Island : lots of track to walk around lakes, on the crests, or to go horseriding, or with quad, motorbikes..

Half Day Trip
- Atelier Bertrand
: Malagasy man building zebu trailors with bike powered cutting machine and tools- Lac Anjavibe / Mont Passot : A lake to approach very easily crocodiles and others, reptiles birds.. then, sunset from mont passot (360° view) a must.
Nosy Sakatia :after the dives, your having a meal on a private beach. proposed activities : kayak, snorkeling, hobiecat... way back to hotel at 4pm.

Don't hesitate to contact us to be transfered to the concerned operator.


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