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Underwater photo and video courses in Nosy Be

Another way to dive...
Photos and Video sessions are organised, to take the divers to dive spots according to what they're searching for. (macro, drop off, special animals..). Other sessions are organised for initiations photography / video courses with or without camera renting. (camera : canon G11 G12, and sea&sea flashes).

With digital pictures, it's really easy to start underwater photo and video. at first, to see the result as soons as having made the picture is a big help. flash or white balance, auto, aperture or manual modes will be so easy for you..

the main advantage of underwater video / photography, (apart from having some pictures from your trip..) is that it will show you another way to dive. Instead of diving and swimming only to see Mr Big Stuff which is not every day present, Photo / video dive will make you search for little seaslug, a starfish in a red coral, an hydroid bouquet, a hawk fish in a gorgonian.. All those little things which will amaze you and other ones wouldn't have noticed. A photographer / cameraman, is always doing amazing dives.

Remember diving is not a sport, but an exploration for a naturalist. It's a different way of thinking. If you don't have any diving computer, we'll provide you one. A photographer is only staring at the reef, seaching for the little animal crossing the perfect frame, which is going to make a marvellous image. Once found, choosing the frame, aperture of the lens, waiting for the flash to be ready... are the only interresting things. He doesn't care anymore about bottom time, no deco time... some device has to do it for him.

Even if it's spectacular, macro photo / video is easier than the wide angle. Turbidity of the water is not as important as for wide angle pictures, because the subject is really close and the angle between the lens and the flash is more than 45°. As the subject is close, it's very easy to send a lot of light on it with the flash. At last, the frame is concerning a small surface, so it's easy to find a little environment which can offer a beautiful composition . The result is often very spectacular because very colored.

A knowledge of reef environment can be useful to have an idea of the places you can find a special animal which can make a good photo / video. It will help to know where to find a ghost pipe fish, pegasus, stone fish, a porcelain crab in his anemon, the hawk fish in his gorgonian, the frog fish in his sponge..

A bit more difficult, wide angle photo / video, needs clear water, perfect surroundings with no died corals, or other inesthetic elements. Another thing to deal with : fishes movements. The photographer / videographer will have to try not to frighten them, or even attract them with some noises, delicate moves.
Researching subjets for image means to observe very carefully the reef, which will show the diver plenty of small things he wouldn't have imagined.

Here's some wide angle pictures with or without divers, then closer, then macro, smaller and smaller

plongeurcontrejour_small.jpg plongeurgorgone_small.jpg canyondegregwall_small.jpg requinbaleineetphotographe_small.jpg
reproductionderaies_small.jpg raiepastenague_small.jpg pteroisvolitansetantennata_small.jpg nosyfanihymiairmieau_small.jpg
tombantdegorgones_small.jpg heniochussurgorgones_small.jpg platax_small.jpg lutjansaurolineatus_small.jpg
requinpointeblanche_small.jpg merouminiata_small.jpg merouboenak_small.jpg meroucaruleopunctatus_small.jpg
meroucoioides_small.jpg raiepastenague2_small.jpg calamar_small.jpg crevettejaponaise_small.jpg
bernardlhermitte_small.jpg amphiprionlatifasciatus_small.jpg pteroisantennata_small.jpg tetepoissongrenouille_small.jpg
crevettesdanseuses_small.jpg pseudocerosgloriosus_small.jpg crabearaignee_small.jpg araigneearostre_small.jpg
nudibranchegemina_small.jpg hippocampe_small.jpg juvenile_small.jpg porcelainesdansalcyonnaire_small.jpg
porcelaineetpoisson_small.jpg poissoncorailnoir_small.jpg crevetteavecoeufs_small.jpg polypes_small.jpg
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